Watch Mutual Education Starring Kipp Slinger and Connor Maguire

Starring: Connor MaguireKipp Slinger

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Who has a huge dick, a disrespect for scholarly pursuits, and the ability to fuck himself out of a tricky situation? Connor Maguire sweetens up his uncompromising tutor Kipp Slinger with a blow job, teasing, rimming, a hard fuck against the library desk in this hot roleplay scene with tons of orgasms, tension and greed.

Connor has been caught plagiarizing and he thinks his football abilities should be enough to let him pass, but Kipp isn’t having it. Connor switches tactics and offers some sexual relief to increase his chances of some extra assistance. A hand reaching up the thigh turns into a face fucking blow job and then Kipp switches the tables and makes Connor concentrate on all the reasons it’s important to develop his literary skills while his dick gets devoured whole. Connor’s concentration fails and so turns the game in his favor, picking up Kipp and throwing him on the desk to drive his pent up cock into that tight hole. Kipp cums and cums again as Connor uses him, and soon he’s grinding and begging for Connor’s hot load to be sprayed across his dick. Connor quickly obliges, but now who owes who? Find out in this new movie on Bonus Hole Boys