Watch Flip Fuck starring Brock Avery and Sailor James

Starring: Sailor James

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Hunky Brock Avery and otter dreamboat Sailor James were a dream pair on this hot warehouse worker role play featuring Bonus Hole Boy’s first ever flip fuck. This musky man babe scene features hard fucking for both men on a bare mattress, smoking, breakroom blow jobs, sloppy rimming, boot knocking, rough housing, choking, and plenty of make outs and dirty talk.

Sailor is new on the job and finally finds his way to the sub-basement for a secret smoke. He finds a hidden breakroom with his hunky co-worker Brock already enjoying a cigarette. Both guys do as guys do when left alone with some free time: start fucking around. Both muscular men deliver artful blowjobs in an industrial set with their union suits around their knees. Brock Avery is as greedy a bottom as he is a demanding top, so when it was suggested that Sailor might turn the tables on him he was quick to take the offer. He took Sailor’s enthusiastic topping like champ, riding that cock on many orgasmic waves. When Sailor takes his turn face down on the mattress his pleasure is palpable as Brock grinds him into the floor, choking and slapping him as he gets rammed with a rock hard dick until he gets rewarded with a belly covered in hot cum. No one ever takes off their boots.