Watch Cyd’s Submission starring Connor Maguire and Cyd St. Vincent

Starring: Connor MaguireCyd St. Vincent

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FTM porn Director Cyd St. Vincent needs someone to shut his smart mouth once in a while and Connor Maguire has the thick cock and flogger to do it. Cyd’s Submission brings you sloppy blow jobs in bondage, hard flogging, face slapping, passionate fucking and a very intense fisting in this high chemistry scene delivered by a masterful top and a masochistic bottom greedy for punishment.

Conner Maguire offers Cyd the challenge of controlling his foul trucker mouth: Can he learn how to say thank you instead of fuck you? A hard cock pushed past the back of Cyd’s throat doesn’t stop the greedy slut from shit talking, so he gets sharp beating with the flogger on his chest, thighs and cunt, plus plenty of slaps to his obstinate face. Still this masochist smart ass continues to smirk and swear, so Connor uses Cyd’s horny hole against him and pounds Cyd into a semblance of submission with his thick cock. Cyd finally gets into being a fuck toy for Connor and begins to offer gratitude for the dick and passionate kisses. Cyd is tied up and has his pussy stretched out by Conner’s massive fist driving into him until he cums and screams for mercy at the same time. Conner slips his dick back into Cyd’s well-used hole and fucks his subdued boy before pulling out and spraying his load all over his tender cock and pussy. Watch these two push each other to the limit in this super hot scene with Bonus Hole Boys.