Watch Viktor’s Initiation Starring Viktor Belmont and Christian Wilde

Starring: Christian WildeViktor Belmont

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Kink on Demand

It’s not every day that you show up to your packing job, and enter into a kinky mansion. Viktor and Christian are hired to help move, but they can’t help but try out the equipment. Viktor gets his curiosity more than sated by Christian showing him the ropes….and whips, and St Andrews Cross, and every tool there is possible for beating and pleasure. A fast, if bratty, learner he goes from a gentle beating to getting his throat railed with his body immobilized in stocks. After endorphins are soaring the two retire to the master bedroom to fuck and sweat all over the sheets. All this while Ellen Page and the folks from VICE magazine watched our every move, onlookers to the sex lives of urban transexual sluts.

When these two handsome movers stumble into a dungeon unexpectedly, Viktor has to comment on everything. Christian Wilde has had it with the juvenile humor of his co-worker, and challenges him to experiment with what he so clearly is curious about. The greedy look on Viktor’s face clearly means that he’s been wanting this all the time, as he gets whipped all over his chest and dick. Now to see if he can keep his mouth shut as he is locked into stocks and Christian’s thick dick slides through his outstretched throat beautifully, as he gags to keep up. Now that pecking order has been established, the two retire to their unknowing benefactors bedroom and explore each others bodies with no boundaries. Viktor rises to the occasion, devouring all of Christian’s beautiful body and riding his dick in every way possible as these two gorgeous tattooed men get every type of joy in each other’s arms possible. Finally Christian sprays a huge load of cum all over Viktor’s face, leaving the bedroom demolished. Who is going to clean up their mess when they are both too fuck drunk to move? Watch one of our most dynamic episodes ever on Bonus Hole Boys.